Local nature and adventure tourism companies organize different services according to the wishes of the clients. Nearby are Konnevesi rapids and South Konnevesi National Park as well as the Häähninmäki mountain biking and hiking trails. Fishing at the lakes or rapids is a memorable experience. There is also canoeing and paddleboarding for those who do not fish. During the winter you can go ice fishing and snowshoeing. Many more experiences are offered by the diverse service providers.

Food blazing at the kitchenette is a hungry traveler’s dream. Fish and meat flamed with open fire and freshly baked bread and vegetables. The kitchenette is suitable for group dining. Ask offer separately for dining.

Ranta-Keurula is cattle ranch, the ranch has domestic animals. During the summer, sheep and cows can be seen on the pasture, chickens are walking at the yard and Shetlandponies, Orkidea and Mimmi, are waiting for scratches.

Kärkkälä is one of the gems of Central Finland’s history. Waterways have brought life to the area for millenia. The Korhola farm, two kilometers from Ranta-Keurula, had a long heritage of hidden monetary treasure, until 2002, when potatoes were raised, an old currency ploottu rose on the field and resulted in dozens of ploottu being found dating back to the 1700s. Now the largest private collection of plootu’s in Finland is on display at the Korhola farm. The exhibition is presented if reserved and you will also hear stories from the past. Reservations Ari Korhonen at 0405489371 or Seija Korhonen 0405489372.

Kärkkälä Nature Trail 2 km

Suojärvi Bird Tower 2km

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