Welcome to enjoy yourself at Ranta-Keurula

Ranta-Keurula is tourist farm located at Middle Finland Hankasalmi. Farming has century long traditions and tourism has been part of our business since 1995. Services have changed, but Dear Customer, you are always welcome.

Middle-Finland is the heart of lake-Finland at the middle ground of Päijänne, Saimaa and Konnevesi. Ranta-Keurula is located near Konnevesi rapids and South Konnevesi National Park.

You can also come to Ranta-Keurula by water. From Akkasilta boat landing site it’s 1,5km distanceto the south of Kynsivesi.

With the help of our collaborators many of your wishes can come true. For those who want ease, guided “Soiva’s Stone Nature Trail” starts right near the courtyard. Check out our program offerings.

We offer gentle and peaceful lodging at the double rooms of our rural hotel. Breakfast is served at the cabin of the same building. Breakfast is fundamentally Finnish and we take into consideration of all the different possibilities of the harvest season and, if necessary, special diets.

Ranta-Keurula also offers the possibility to relax at smoke sauna, where afterwards you can dip to swim at the lake Outamo.

We work to preserve the environment by using wood chips from our own forest to heat buildings and water. The electricity we use is completely green electricity produced from renewable energy sources. Our fields are cultivated with grass, making the land all year round vegetated and carbon-binding. Our forests are managed systematically while maintaining their growth conditions.