The smoke sauna

The smoke sauna can hold approximately 25 people. The sauna building also has a fireplace room, dressing room, washroom and toilet. From the heat of the sauna you can dip to swim at the lake Outamo. You can have meeting with a smaller group at the fireplace room of the smoke sauna. For meeting serving you can ask offers separately or bring your own food to enjoy. The smoke sauna includes towels and seat covers. Price of the sauna starts from 350€ (inc VAT). Ask offer separately for groups over 25 people.

The smoke sauna is built of logs about 200 years old and has stone sauna stove. The smoke sauna is heated with alder wood and it takes 6-8 hours to warm up. The gentle sauna baths are worth the effort. Nobody knows what the old logs have seen and heard, but now, dear visitor, your very mood is captured on the walls.

During the summertime there is a possibility to enjoy sauna baths at the beach sauna and it is better suited for smaller groups (5-6 persons). Price 50€.

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